OBAMACARE and Legacy Provider Databases

The implementation of Obamacare and the resulting increase in newly insured Americas will have important implications for legacy referring provider databases in healthcare organizations as they attempt to provide coordination of care.

This is a result of two factors: First, the newly insured population will, in most cases, have received some form of healthcare… in the past and relied on a physician(s), nurse practitioner(s) or physician assistant(s) for health services. It is unlikely that these prior ‘uninsureds’ will have the same healthcare providers in the future. As a result, in coordinating care, providers will need to identify entirely new sets of providers and types of providers. Second, Obamacare will usher in completely new and restructured health plan provider networks because of new insurance products that meet or exceed federal standards. Legacy databases will be severally tasked in providing the information necessary for referral identification and clinical communications for care coordination.

FolioMed for over 35 years has provided accurate, up-to-date, census Provider information for thousands of healthcare institutions in managing their referring Provider files. FolioMed maintains its databases by utilizing proprietary software algorithms and tools combined with proactive direct verification and data analysis. And there are multiple ways to for instant access to FolioMed Provider databases with Cloud based internet services, direct Data Licensing, or interactive Provider Database Maintenance services. Visit our website, www.foliomed.com, or contact us at 1-800-223-2233 for more information.

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