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ONC for Health Information Technology “Direct White Pages” Pilot

Friday, March 29th, 2013 | Permalink

A recent Power Point Presentation was made by the ONC for Health Information Technology on a
“Direct White Pages” Pilot

The pilot proposes to address the issue of developing a Provider Directory as one means of implementing messages between users in a ‘Direct’ environment, that is, in an electronic environment.

Since the concept of a Provider Directory in order to implement messaging in an EHR world has been debated for years without (except for a few rare cases) any notable successes, the ONC wants to pilot with the experience of states to develop, in their words, a ‘Direct White Pages’ of Providers.

In order to do this they propose to use as a data collection vehicle state-level Medicaid attestation data, specifically the ‘Direct’ addresses of providers attesting to the State’s EHR incentive program for Medicaid.

Is this a good idea? (more…)

EMR vs. EHR and why Provider Data as a Service matters

Friday, August 3rd, 2012 | Permalink

The EMR vs. EHR description below may seem like a semantic argument and is not agreed to by all vendors. However, we need to remember the massive federal funds being driven into Healthcare IT are supposed to solve what can be viewed as THE major health care challenge….a communication problem.  The work being done by FolioMed around Provider Data as a Service can be viewed as the missing piece ( aka the telephone/address/specialty/affiliation/ contact directory). Regardless of it being called an EMR or an EHR if the Provider data is not highly accurate then it fails to solve the communication problem. Provider Data as a Service effectively solve the communication problem

What’s the Difference? (more…)


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