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EMR Systems and Provider Databases

Thursday, October 29th, 2015 | Permalink

As EMR implementation continues, there is increasing awareness of the lack of accuracy and utility of the Provider Databases that underlie new systems.  This reflects the heightened emphasis on accuracy required by HIPAA regulations in communicating patient PHI, but also the lack of resources available to provide quality external Provider information.

Typically the new EMR system allows either self or batch enrollment of the client’s internal and/or credentialed provider file. (more…)

Interoperability and Accountability

Friday, April 17th, 2015 | Permalink

Recently ONC released its Interoperability Roadmap as a framework for the transmission of clinical electronic health records consistent with the goals of the HITECH Act. The ‘Roadmap’ has been criticized as actually delaying Interoperability because of an emphasis on theoretical concepts rather than realistic implementation steps. And Interoperability is widely viewed as failing.

Defenders of the Roadmap say it is ‘not my problem’. Rather it is the problem of the industry and, to some, that reflects the industry’s ‘inability’ to overcome its competitive profit model and cooperate with other vendors in developing interoperable linkages.

Competition aside (not limited to vendors) this may not be the major problem with Interoperability. Interoperability assumes the knowledge of accurate electronic endpoints for the effective transmission of clinical information. Since these endpoints do not exist, the IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) has developed specifications for ‘Provider Information Sources’ for Directories that are to contain the endpoints. The theoretical construct assumes literally thousands of these sources collaborating in a seamless fashion. This vision explicitly ignores both (1) the complexity of the multiple relationships between providers and organizations and (2) the underlying and fundamental rate of change in both demographics and these relationships. Rather than seamless communications there is the alternative view of misdirected clinical information to expired organizations or providers, to the wrong organizations or providers, or simply residing virtually without delivery. And who would be accountable?

Provider Directory’s ‘Rosetta Stone’

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 | Permalink

The title of this blog post might suggest something exotic or foreign or mysterious to some readers. Well, it may be just that… but we will do almost anything to get a bit of attention for Provider Data as a Service (PDAAS), a topic we feel is extremely important for our clients and all healthcare leaders to better understand… especially with the need for accurate Provider ‘demographic’ information that will be required to meet interoperability standards.

The ‘Rosetta Stone’ …like the famous stone translating Egyptian hieroglyphs into the Greek alphabet for comprehension…. also translates Provider demographics into an accurate and useful and comprehensive Provider Directory.

What is this ‘Rosetta Stone’ link? (more…)


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