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Domestic and International Medical School Education for Physicians in Massachusetts – A Perspective

Thursday, April 11th, 2013 | Permalink

Source: FolioMed Provider Data Management Statistical Data

One of the issues facing the new changes in healthcare is the ability of Physicians to respond to the increase in uninsured patients who would be eligible for insured and routine medical services.  By one count if there are roughly 300,000+ actively practicing Primary Care Physicians (PCP)* in the country and 30 million newly insured, that implies a net gain of 100 patients per PCP.  Using an average multiple of 4 visits a year, there could be up to 400 additional patient visits per PCP.  And, assuming a 20 patient day, approximately one additional month of patient care per year per PCP.

Numbers can be disputed but whatever the result there will no doubt be an increase in the demand for PCP services.  One of the solutions to solving this capacity ‘problem’ would be to allow less than fully licensed Physicians, such as Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners, to screen and treat patients and assume some of the traditional functions normally reserved for Physicians.  Another solution would be to increase the available ‘supply’ of Physicians by either increasing the number of US medical schools (a very long term approach) or encouraging the entry of more Physicians educated in foreign medical schools. (more…)


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