Domestic and International Medical School Education for Physicians in Massachusetts – A Perspective

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Source: FolioMed Provider Data Management Statistical Data

One of the issues facing the new changes in healthcare is the ability of Physicians to respond to the increase in uninsured patients who would be eligible for insured and routine medical services.  By one count if there are roughly 300,000+ actively practicing Primary Care Physicians (PCP)* in the country and 30 million newly insured, that implies a net gain of 100 patients per PCP.  Using an average multiple of 4 visits a year, there could be up to 400 additional patient visits per PCP.  And, assuming a 20 patient day, approximately one additional month of patient care per year per PCP.

Numbers can be disputed but whatever the result there will no doubt be an increase in the demand for PCP services.  One of the solutions to solving this capacity ‘problem’ would be to allow less than fully licensed Physicians, such as Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners, to screen and treat patients and assume some of the traditional functions normally reserved for Physicians.  Another solution would be to increase the available ‘supply’ of Physicians by either increasing the number of US medical schools (a very long term approach) or encouraging the entry of more Physicians educated in foreign medical schools. …Continue Reading »

ONC for Health Information Technology “Direct White Pages” Pilot

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A recent Power Point Presentation was made by the ONC for Health Information Technology on a
“Direct White Pages” Pilot

The pilot proposes to address the issue of developing a Provider Directory as one means of implementing messages between users in a ‘Direct’ environment, that is, in an electronic environment.

Since the concept of a Provider Directory in order to implement messaging in an EHR world has been debated for years without (except for a few rare cases) any notable successes, the ONC wants to pilot with the experience of states to develop, in their words, a ‘Direct White Pages’ of Providers.

In order to do this they propose to use as a data collection vehicle state-level Medicaid attestation data, specifically the ‘Direct’ addresses of providers attesting to the State’s EHR incentive program for Medicaid.

Is this a good idea? …Continue Reading »

EMR vs. EHR and why Provider Data as a Service matters

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The EMR vs. EHR description below may seem like a semantic argument and is not agreed to by all vendors. However, we need to remember the massive federal funds being driven into Healthcare IT are supposed to solve what can be viewed as THE major health care challenge….a communication problem.  The work being done by FolioMed around Provider Data as a Service can be viewed as the missing piece ( aka the telephone/address/specialty/affiliation/ contact directory). Regardless of it being called an EMR or an EHR if the Provider data is not highly accurate then it fails to solve the communication problem. Provider Data as a Service effectively solve the communication problem

What’s the Difference? …Continue Reading »

Provider Directory’s ‘Rosetta Stone’

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The title of this blog post might suggest something exotic or foreign or mysterious to some readers. Well, it may be just that… but we will do almost anything to get a bit of attention for Provider Data as a Service (PDAAS), a topic we feel is extremely important for our clients and all healthcare leaders to better understand… especially with the need for accurate Provider ‘demographic’ information that will be required to meet interoperability standards.

The ‘Rosetta Stone’ …like the famous stone translating Egyptian hieroglyphs into the Greek alphabet for comprehension…. also translates Provider demographics into an accurate and useful and comprehensive Provider Directory.

What is this ‘Rosetta Stone’ link? …Continue Reading »

Provider Demographics and interstate HIE communication challenges.

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Various pilots are currently running to test the efficacy and accuracy of Electronic Medical Record transport between different Providers in Health Information Exchange environments. In the past obvious barriers to interoperability of EMR systems arose due to the proprietary nature of each system.

However with significant investment and prospect of incentives looming for achievement of Meaningful Use criteria, EMR vendors are achieving a degree of interoperability between their systems in several market tests, notably the Hudson Valley pilot and CurrentCare in Rhode Island.

The next barrier to HIE implementation was the method of EMR transport …Continue Reading »

What is Provider Data as a Service?

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The overall concept of evolving data requirements for health care organizations is commonplace given the world of HIE and ExR platforms and incentives coming into every facet of the industry.

Over the past year, the challenges related to creating and maintaining current, accurate Provider information as a core shared data set within these electronic platforms has gained a lot more attention.  We have seen high profile Hospital CEO’s blog about it. We have participated in Federally funded industry work groups run by talented consulting groups struggle with the basic details of improving the process of sharing these important data sets.

Unfortunately, we have also witnessed huge EMR/EHR implementations …Continue Reading »


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